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Activities - Establish a bridge between cultures
Our objective is to establish a bridge between people and cultures. Under this premise are our musical activities, our workshops for German groups, our pottery and other workshops constituted. We do what we can to encourage contacts and exchanges between France and Germany and other European countries.

Semaines Musicales (Music Weeks) –(see list)- (photo albums) – (read articles)
Music festivals are not rare in South-Western France. The “Semaines Musicales” however which take place in Auvillar every two years are quite unique. During one week people sing, play and sometimes dance in the old hall. The municipality takes care of the culinary support of the musicians for one week. Families lodge voluntarily some. Each evening during the “Musical Impromptus” the singers and musicians do spontaneous performances, “public rehearsals” of sort or each just plays for fun and everybody can participate.
On Wednesday the City and the Office for Tourism while relying on volunteers put on the traditional “Musical Picnic”: Tables and benches are set up in the hall and everybody can for a modest fee dine in a joyful atmosphere while listening to the various performances. The week then closes in a “Grand Concert” in the St. Peter’s church with free entry and voluntary donations.

European Music Encounters
They were born from the idea to introduce and thus give a chance to young artists: singers and instrumentalists. In this we joined together with Jean-Marie Rodrigue who has been working in this name for a long time in the town Lauzerte. This way the communes of Auvillar, Lauzerte and St. Nicholas-de-la-Grave can enjoy all the performances.

Concerts (see photo album)
With the Music Weeks taking place every two years the SFA also organizes other concerts upon request.
Since 1998 Flautando a recorder group from Tübingen (Germany) comes every year in the month of May to the house to put on a 10-day workshop and animate the hall and the church.

Seminars for German groups (see list)
In the space of ten days groups of very different origins and ages set up camp in Auvillar and after having explored their immediate surroundings are shown prominent places of culture: Moissac, Auch, Toulouse, Albi, etc. The seminars are prepared and accompanied by a workbook.

Pottery Studio (photos)
Auvillar was known for its earthenware and from this place still emanates today a very special inspiration to work with clay. Very early on we wanted to give children access to this way of expression. From that came forth the first workshops of about a week for children and teenagers.
It starts with a visit to the museum in Auvillar with pen and paper to gather inspiration. Then it is followed by work with the coiling technique (1 day), work with plates (1 day) and free forming (1 day), decoration with slip and firing. For adults work with the potter’s wheel is also available.
The workshops have been taking place so far between 1995 and 2004.
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