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The purchase in 1981 of a 15th century house in the center of old Auvillar by a German-French family and their Francophile friends became in itself quite an agenda! Furthermore is the house located directly in an important stop on the Way of St. James. That brought from the beginning tasks and goals to the Auvillar Society of French German Contacts (SFA):

Maintaining and taking care of the heritage
The house on the corner of the Place de la Halle and Rue St. Pierre is for Auvillar of important historic significance. Not only is it the birthplace of the General Bressoles (18th century) but also the place where under a “Miss Lay” many young people of Auvillar received schooling in Latin and English!
To give life to and maintain this house while honoring its context we call upon friends of all ages for work and conviviality stays.

To establish a bridge between cultures
The European culture existed before the political formation of Europe thanks to exchanges and connections between the European people. Through the intermediary of these old bridges which are the arts, knowledge, the morals, beliefs and religions Europe needs to develop its identity in a modern and human world.
It is with this goal in mind that the SFA wants to support and deepen cultural and convivial exchanges in Auvillar. These exchanges became an institution in 1985: the “Semaines Musicales” (Music Weeks) welcome each time around 50 musicians and their families; the concerts of the “Rencontres Musicales Européennes” (European Music Encounters), seminars to introduce our region to Germans and other Europeans as well as training exchanges for students and craftsmen.
The activities of the Society focus the areas of art (music, poetry, calligraphy, pottery, etc.) and knowledge (continued education, European encounters and exchanges, language classes, etc.)

To enrich the cultural life on the Place de la Halle
In 1981 old town Auvillar was deserted with many buildings left in disrepair. In order to revive the musical tradition of Auvillar (brass band, choir, concerts of the orchestra of Toulouse, etc.) why not ignite a new phase with choir music?
And so were born the “Semaines Musicales” (Music Weeks) and other manifestations in the realm of music. The SFA has as its goal the promotion of concerts and the stay of artists in the beautiful framework of Auvillar in cooperation with the mayor’s office and the office for tourism.
The SFA furthermore provides a workspace for a calligraphy or graphic artist with the possibility of receiving other artists and “artist apprentices”.
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  22 septembre 2023
   S.F.A. Auvillar
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