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The S.F.A. Association
It was pending for a long time but now the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, in other words the official paperwork was finally filed and the new association is now formed.
It is called “ Société Culturelle Franco-Allemande “ (French-German Culture Society) or SFA.

It was formally christened in the minutes of September 2007 and will join in the already existing activities in the area of culture and education.
Its horoscope reads: “Sustain and deepen cultural and convivial European exchanges as in Auvillar as in the region, in the field of art and exchange of expertise”.
It is officially seated in the Auvillar city hall and its foundation dated the 1st day of August 2007.

So will the musical program continue and be further expanded by exchanges in the area of theatre, pottery, calligraphy and languages studies.
If you are interested, you can visit http://www.sfa-auvillar.com, and find programs for the year.

Or for those interested but without internet access there will always be advertisements at the city hall.

Marie José BALLOUHEY President
Christophe GARDNER Vice president
Gerhard SCHNEIDER Secretary
Pierre BRETTES Vice secrétaire
Guy BOISSIER Treasurer
Sylvie ROBERT Vice treasurer

The European culture existed before the political formation of Europe in 1957 thanks to exchanges and connections between the European people. Through the intermediary of these old bridges which are the arts, knowledge, the morals, beliefs and religions Europe needs to develop its identity in a modern and human world.
It is with that goal in mind that the association “Société Culturelle Franco-Allemande” (SFA) wants to Sustain and deepen cultural and convivial European exchanges in Auvillar as in the region.

Exchanges have already been taking place since 1981 within the “Société Civile Auvillaraise de Contacts Franco-Allemands”: The “Semaine Musicales” hosting each time around 50 German Musicians, the concerts of the European Music Encounters, the seminars to introduce our region to Germans and other Europeans as well as the exchanges for craftsmen and students.

The activities of the new association aim to continue their focus on the domains of art (music and poetry, calligraphy, pottery, etc.).
Furthermore it can widen its field of action to exchange of expertise (education of adults, European encounters and exchanges, languages, etc.).
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  22 septembre 2023
   S.F.A. Auvillar
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